Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Not a good day

You know you're a clutz when you get yourself hurt during first period.

So, we were playing indoor soccer. And I was trying to be a good girl and paticipate. And after having a friend try to knock my head off with the ball, someone else kicked it into my foot as I was running. And I tripped, and landed with the majority of my weight on my left knee. Ow. So, I limped to the nurses office, got an ice pack, limped back to the gym, got back into my normal clothes, and limped back to the nurse.

I had to spend half of second period in the nurse's office. Filled out an injury report. Iced my knee for a while. Nurse called daddy and stepmom, so they both  know I'm a clutz. Made it through the day limping slightly and numbing my knee with ice. I got to be an honorary cripple though. Got a note to leave all my classes five minutes early and ride the elevator. 8D It was also the first time I broke down and went to the nurse for having something wrong with me.

So, all in all, not a fun day. I'mma go do homeowrk nao.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Holy shit

Sorry guys, I should have posted sooner.

School has been hell. I had a horrible week this week. Things cleared up a bit forthe weekend though, so I'll just ramble about the past two days

Alright, so Saturday I had to get up early to go take the PSATs at my school. They were pretty hard, but at the very least I believe that I passed. I hope I did well enough to get a scholarship from it. After that, I went horseback riding. We did a lot more running than we have in a while, and didn't spend too much time in the woods. Pongo kept up like a champ, I was really proud of him. The ground was a little wet, so I was a little worried about slipping. And the wind was blowing pretty hard and spooking the horses. But it was really fun overall.

I also tried riding Sleepy around the paddock. He didn't really want to listen to me. He's a lot fatter than Pongo, and has a shorter neck, so that was strange. He's a lot more stubborn than Pongo is too. I got him to run a little for me, which was pretty cool. He wouldn't run very far, but maybe I'll be able to work into it.

Today was another early day, but it was for something great. I got to go visit V at her college campus =D It was awesome seeing her again and I missed her so bad. She tackleglomped me the second I got out of the car. She showed me around the campus once my parents went off to do their own thing. First up, she showed me her dorm. It was way smaller than I thought it was through skype. But it was a cozy kind of small, and she and her roommate keep it pretty neat. I sat on her bed, and it felt like I was sitting on a rock. She also gave me a few gifts(will explain in a bit), and I gave her her halloween card. We went to the barn after and I met a few of the school horses. Then she took me to the cattle barn, where I met some adorable little cows. I let te only one that would get up suck on my fingers. It was slimy, but absolutely adorable. After that, V lead me to the library. Unfortunately, it was closed, but from what she tells me it's incredible on the inside. After that, I was taken to meet the school mascot, right at his home in a mini-ampitheater. If you stand in the right spot, your voce gets really loud and echoey. After that, she showed me the game room, and kicked my ass in pool. Well, that's a lie, we made out almost evenly. But she still one. After that, we went back to her dorm for a bit and got in some much needed make-up cuddles and tickles. Finally, her friends got up and I was off to the cafeteria with her(I still feel bad that you pretty much wasted your money on me, V, I'll pay you back someday, I swear!) to meet them. They were... Not my cup of tea. I wont go into it, but they freaked me out quite a bit. If I wind up heading to her school, I think I might skip out on eating with them and just... hide across the cafeteria or something so I'm not a bother. Anyway, we let once she was done. I felt bad, but I was relieved. Back up to her dorm hall we went. There I met one of her friends, to I suppose will have to be V-squared here. My creativity is becoming limited, so sue me. Anyway, we met her, and she was nice and -ohdearprimusthankyouyes- normal. Then we went back to V's room for yet more snuggles, and I met her room mate(Who must have thought I was fucking insane) and her room mate's mom. It all went pretty well, over all, except for when both Vs decided to tickle rape me. Yay for unfair xD

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and I wanted to cry when it came time to leave. I really, really, REALLY missed her since she's been gone, and even though I got to see her for longer than normal, I didn't like leaving knowing that I don't know when I'll see her again. But still, it was wonderful to see her, and did wonders for my mental health. The campus was beautiful. Mostplace has a sort of old-timey look to it that I love. There's also lots of wild plants and lots of animals, which I also liked. Beds aren't too great, but I wouldn't complain much about that if I was dorming with V. Primus I missed her. But yeah, heading home consisted of me fighting(and surprisingly winning against) tears.

Now, V has been trying to convince me to go to ths campus, and as of right now it's my top college, although there is another university that has piqued my interest. But I like the evironment of V's school (And the added plus of V). So yeah. One of the ladies in the admissions office is in cahoots with V. I actually got a HANDWRITTEN note, and a realy nice string bag from the one lady in there. The lady seems nice, although I haven't been able to meet her yet. Maybe the next time I gothere I'll be able too.

Anyway, onto the prezzies my wonderful, thoughtful older sister got for me. One was a blue clip in hari extension, which looked adorabe when I could get it to stay right. The other was a little prayer box, with three angels inside of it. One for faith, one for love, and one for hope. I've been really depressed lately, and she thought I needed a little bit of love and hope, so she got it. And despite not being very religious, I love it, because the thought behind the sentiment was so sweet of her(Shit, now THIS is gonna make me cry T-T I'm a wuss today). So I wave very happy. Ad the little prayer box and angels really are beatiful. I love it. She is the queen of really thoughtful gifts, I just wish I could learn to return the favor. And, you know, have money.

Once I got home, things went south. My dad and stepmom went to a party, and I wound up doing a shit load of chores. Well, whatever, and least they're done now. And besides, that can't ruing that I got to see V today. And, my stepmom said the ride isn't too bad, so she'll probably be willing to take me back soon. I am pleased with this news.

Alright, time to start tring to get a little ready for tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have to bounce back from a really bad week, meaning I'm not going to be very happy.

I'll try to post soon.