Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's been a nice/interesting day

Dad woke me up at around 10 so we could go get breakfast together. We also went to GameStop, where I picked up a copy of Halo 3.

After that, we went to the circus. It was a good show. Tigers, pink poodles, motorcycles in a giant metal circle... Lost of awesome fun stuff to watch. I got to ride an elephant, which was effing AWESOME. I was like, the oldest kid at the circus, but whatever. It was fun and relaxing and nice bonding time with my dad.

After the circus, we came home and I played some Halo. Then we went bowling, and I lost miserably, but I haven't bowled in over a year. Then we had some nasty, greasy, totally unhealthy food.

And now, here I am, telling you all about my day. It was fun. :3

Gonna go relax and catch up with everything now 8D

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Slenderman, Driving, and Quilts

Started not one, but two new Slender blogs. One from the perspective of Uriel, my angry detective. And one from the perspective of Theta, a mythos savvy nerd.

This should be interesting. Lets hope I can keep up with them both. Of course, now I have to go follow a bunch of blogs on both accounts, and try to keep up.

Also, I set up my first appointment for driving lessons today. I start Monday. I'm so nervous but totally excited.

I started a quilt yesterday. Here's the very simple plan for it:
Crappy looking plan is crappy     
I'll post pictures when it's finished. I'm hand sewing it, so it'll take a while :3

I'm also going to a fair sometime before Monday. And I'm going to a circus with my daddy on Saturday, so that should be lots of fun! I haven't been to a circus in forever, so I'm excited.


I almost forgot. My aunt stopped by today with my three cousins. It was a short visit, but it was nice to see them all again. My cousins got so big and look so old! D=

Alright, that's all for now~

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Le Sigh

Ugh. People can be such jerks.

I love when people[read: Parent's of friends/My mother] have consideration for your schedule[sarcasm]. Yesterday, Vera's parents said I could go to her graduation/birthday party today. Today, around 6 in the afternoon, they FINALLY FUCKING TELL HER that I might be able to go for smores. So I'd see her for what, 15 minutes? My parents aren't going to drive me there for that long, no matter how close she lives.

So, I waited around the house the entire day for a time waiting for a time until 3. At which point, I get told Ver will call me with a time but to not wait up. Now, I don't know if any of you have heard this rumor or not, but lemme share something with you: You are not going to be making plans at 3 in the afternoon with anybody. Not to mention, there is also the distinct possibility of me still going to Vera's then, right?

Fast forward to 6, and Sam getting very pissed and reminded why she hates the human race. But it's okay, I don't have feelings, right? Just ask my mother, she'll tell you I don't know JACK FUCKING SHIT about how I feel.

But don't worry, ladies and germs, it will only get better. Yup, that's right, I also get to include mom stupidity in this letter.

Now, please, let me remind you that this woman has not made ANY effort to contact me this month. She also has not paid my child support this month[which, of course, is the only money currently going to my college fund. Gee, thanks mom. I'll remember this, since as your only daughter, I'll probably be the one caring for your ass when you get old :3]. Nistead of my child support check, we receive a letter. Here is what is says summed up in bullets.

1. Sam can choose any of the 2 week pairs I have listed here to visit me with. You can drop her off between 4 and 6 PM here in the state I am in.
2. Sam is being rude to me. You need to talk to her[read: punish]. And I will also be talking to her about how to act like a young lady [read: Talk my ear off while I blow her off]. She should be more respectful.[Sam's POV: You want respect? EARN IT BITCH!]
3. Oh, by the way, I want Sam to be a perfect little drone for Christmas vacation. Here are the dates and times you will be bringing her and taking her home.
4. Sam said she wanted to see me more[Actually wrong, I expressed that you put in ZERO effort to visit me on your own time, you stupid whore.] Since you are driving, I would be thrilled to have this happen. Maybe we can work something out.

I'm considering legally divorcing my mother and having my stepmom legally adopt me[I get scholarships out of the deal. Why the fuck wouldn't I?]. But not only for monetary reasons. But because my stepmom? I know she loves me.

For my real mom, I'm just a prize to be won from my father.

I'm not going to be ANYONE'S fucking prize.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


The past few days have been iffy. Still no contact from mom, it makes me a little nervous. Oh well, nothing I can really do there.

I'll also be contributing to a new blog. It's here: Click Me!

I think that's really it for now. Later.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

That's Your Horoscope for Today

A little humor for the day. Anyway, about my facebook horoscope.

I have a feeling mom will be  calling tonight. But it's also telling me I'll do well... right?

...Man the battlestations! Load the cannons! Prepare for an attack! And find me some green, damn it!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

*sigh* I'm such a child

I'm wearing three necklaces to bed. Three.

One is the purple heart on the string Vera gave me.

One is the other half of V's birthday present: A little pink robot charm along with a little charm that says "best. Vera has a similar necklace, with a blue robot that says "friends".

[Side note: I always get the pink ones. My one from when  I was still Ayame's friend is a pink mushroom that says "friends".]

And the last necklace is my father's Italian horn[apparently also known as a corno] that I lost but recently found. The horn is mostly used as protection for men, but dad would always give it to me when I was going to visit with mom, and I've never even gotten hurt any time I've worn it, so maybe fatherly love makes it extend?

Irony: Dad isn't even Italian, yet he believes in a bunch of Italian protective symbols. He wants to get necklaces for both of us of the mano cornuta necklaces with the evil eye on them. It makes me smile a little.

References for the different symbols here: Click Me!

Anyway, back to why I'm being childish, I just watched a friend go through something difficult, and I'm also dealing with my mom issues. I need three necklaces and sleep with a shit ton of stuffed animals for comfort. So yeah, I feel like I'm being kinda stupid.

Give Up

Maybe, just maybe.

It's funny. Even when I start a day off in a good mood, it never lasts. The people I talk to know just how to ruin it.

Sometimes I think it would be easier not to have friends. To be able to curl up on my side, lie down, and die. Be done with this. I'm usually not so confrontational. Usually I'll lie down and accept things and cry myself to sleep over them. Yeah, I'm an overly-dramatic bitch. Just one of my many negative qualities.

What I really do like about this blog, is I'm fairly certain none of you read it unless I tell you there's a new post up. Which I generally only will if it's a happy post. why would anyone want to read about my feelings, right? But no masks here, just me.

Lonely me. Sad me. Depressed me. I know how to taint things just as well as the people I know do.

You know, I can't -stand- other people like me. I hate other people who are depressed and angsty. And I just want to hit them because I take one look at why they're upset and I think they're idiots.

I know I'm an idiot, but I think I'm just used to myself. Than again, I'm not my own biggest fan either.

I'm a little happy over something I shouldn't be. Well, a couple things I shouldn't be. But I'm not going to share, for the simple fact that one of you might read this for once. Though I doubt it. why should any of you take time out of your lives for me?

Urgh, I talk like I have a crowd like EIS here.

I miss my friends from Everything I See... Not that they were real friends, and it's not like the blog was any good, but I still miss them.

I'm a shitty friend. Can't keep in touch with anyone but Vera. I'm a shitty sister and daughter too, but I don't want to get into that.

Sometimes I wish Floppy was as far as my friend circle extended. Well, Floppy and the others. They were good, loyal friends who didn't talk back but I always felt that maybe, just maybe, they were listening.

God I'm such a depressing little bitch...

Friday, July 15, 2011

43 and 44

Ahhhh, watching slender videos late at night. The choice of the wise. xP

Yeah, that's about it. No word from mom.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sector 7 and the real world

3 S7 black Chevy suburban type cars passed me yesterday while walking to Vera's, it was awesome.

Verdict came in on the mom case. I have to see her for 2 weeks, dad has to drive me up there, and she gets half my graduation tickets. Fuck my life.

That is all.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Dear Primus

Transformers 3 was A-FUCKING-MAZING

Thank you very much sir for letting me have a wonderful time with Vera. That made my summer.

That movie blew my mind. The 3D was TOTALLY worth it.

OMG can't give spoilers though.


And we saw a 'Bee camero while leaving. It was a good day. =DDDDD