Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm kind of surprised

There are 3 people I know that my friends would gladly murder them for me. I'm to the point, that I think I will let them. ONe you two are familiar with, so I'll go to the ones in my bloodline.

Mother- Abandons me when 4. Did not pay child support until now. Now demands that she get visitation, and thinks that because I am 16 I have no thoughts and can make no decision for myself. If I win this court battle, I can guarantee I will make her wish she just bent to two weeks :3

Half-Sister: Steals from my family. Eats the food of my step-sister, who is on a special diet. In her twenties, a fat lard, sleeps until three, can barely hold a job a week before loosing it. She is everything I never want to be in my life, and gives blondes a bad name. And now she is lying and trying to make me look bad.

She has made a large error. I am the princess of this house. And in the end, everyone will take my side. I guarantee, I will not lie, nor will I sabotage. I will wait until she fucks up again. And I am going to be the world's biggest tattle tale.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bookworm Tendancies, AWAY!

So, I have decided to get back into reading this summer. So far, I've read P.C. and Kristen Cast's Awakened and James Patterson's Witch & Wizard.

I LOVED them both. They were fun reads, and I devoured them both in one sitting. Although I did love the banned list, especially since some of my favorite books are on there. If you want to see the banned list and their translation's, click here: Linkage

So, on top of that, I also bought and played a bit of Portal: Still Alive(Awake?) today. It was pretty good, if not confusing as all hell at some points.

I also went swimming with my Stepsister and did a bit of tanning. I had fun, although lying in the sun made me sleepy xD

And, Stepsister and I will be doing a movie night later tonight. It will be fun and popcorn filled.

I think that's good enough for now. I'mma check on the ETA for dinner now. :3

Monday, June 27, 2011

The past 2 days

So, the party. I'm sure you're all infinitely curious. Minus some technical difficulties, I had a lot of fun. I looked beautiful. I danced a lot. over all, I had a great time.

The limo ride was admittedly very awesome 8D Minus, you know, its really hard to get in and out in heels. xD

Today I went to Ver's house and went swimming. It was nice. I enjoyed it :D She also let me borrow a book, which is great since I've been dying for some new material.

I think that's all for now. Later!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Primus, finally done shopping

Yup, its done. I finally have everything ready for my friend's sweet 16 tomorrow. Th dress and everything all came together very nicely, although the heels will kill me by the end of the night.

Whatever, I still get to be in her court and ride in a limo and have epic gold sparkly tipped nails. As a girl, this pleases me. >:3

I've been re-reading the House of Night books. Mostly as research for current RPs/a fic I plan to write sometime in the future. I do need to get my rents to take me to Barnes and Nobles sometime soon. I need some more reading material.

I've missed reading. I haven't done much since the school year started, and I used to be a book worm. Maybe I'd start feeling better again if I got back into it. I don't know. I'll see, I guess.

I think that's really it for now. Later~

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Singing Cats that Smell Like Hand Lotion

If I ever have a band, that is what it will be called. And it will be epic.

I'm reading through my old writing notebooks. My pre drafted blogs are making my heart ache a little. I used to really fucking care about Darby. Primus, I was so stupidly gullible.

Yeah, this entry goes in order of what I was looking at in the notebooks, so sorry it's scattered.

...I also apparently got bored at some point and wrote a bucket list.

And shit, I still was Nyx's friend in this. Trippy.
"I see dumb people" Yes, I agree, I am surrounded for the most part

"Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to get into the basket" Ahhhh, driver's ed jokes about cops on bikes.

LOL PERVE CONVOS WITH MY FRESHIE. Shit, she isn't a freshie now :c

"If I start slowly inserting a pencil into your skin, will it hurt?"

Yeah, I need to burn this notebook. way too much loving Darby mush BS.

Oooooh, there's where I realize he is a cum-sucking penny man-whore(Fragging Adrian, I love that insult now xD Of course, I added the man- part in).

Huh, I still remember how stupidly happy he made me. I'm such a moron. *sighs*

Hey, at least nothing involving Mom/Darby has happened after visiting Ver tonight. Nothing. Maybe the steak is broken tonight =D

"You don't need a super power to be invisible" Primus, that's so sad... That's a quote from our Sophmore assembly.

Alright, that's it for now. Lates~

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This is going to be a doozy of a post

Sorry guys, but its true. Con pictures will come at the very end. I'm gonna talk about the con and my last week of sophmore year, and my first 2 days of summer vacation first. Does that sound good to you all?

Even if it doesn't, sorry. You're going to get a day by day play out of everything anyway. Don't I suck?

Convention(Sat & Sun)
Sat- The first day we showed up at convention. It was pretty good, over all, minus the dealer room radiating pure evil and fraging Cosmos stopping for 30 minutes at each stall that was giving me killer bad feelings. I mean, really, out of all of us, he is the one most into the magic shit. Why, for fucks sake, would he want to stop in the worst spots. Primus, I wanted to kill him.

We went to a Vocaloid panel. It was alright, but I was feeling kind of sick at the people running the panel were bitches so I wasn't interested. Cosmos kept hitting on the one dressed as Bianca from Pokemon Black. Bitch could not handle criticism and gave Ver a majorly bad  attitude when she tried to politely give a little constructive criticism. Ugh, people.

By the time we went home I was dead. I'd been up since 5 am and was feeling it.

Sun- Dealer room radiated less evil. Cosmos tried to get us kidnapped. He wanted to get 30 bucks by loading shit into some guys van. Vera and I bitched him out for it, and we decided to let Ver and I(mostly Ver) do the talking from then on. We also had some creepy guy follow us around for a bit, and I seemed to atract creepers like crazy. All in all, Sunday mostly sucked.

The convention over all: I have decided tha cosmos and Vera are nearly intolerable when ogether. Yes, Ver, I am well aware that you read this, but this is my blog. Anyway, those two were constantly right and I was the one in the wrong most of the weekend. I mean, I'm kind of used to Cosmos having to prove me wrong with every fucking thing I say, but Vera joining him on that made my self esteem drop critically and left me feeling like worse shit. (I was sick to my stomach for most of the convention, yay me!). And no, guys, it still hasn't picked back up. Thanks so fucking much <3

Finals week

Holy. Fucking. Shit. It's done. I'm finished.

I'm pretty sure I at least passed all of my finals aside from Geometry, but I don't know my actual grades yet. I'm so grateful to be moving on to my Junior year of highschool. It's supposed to get easier now, and I'm praying it does. I can't handle another year like this one. 

Sat & Sun
Lemme tell you, I was FRIED on Saturday. Finals killed me so dead, all I wanted to do was sleeeeeeeeep. I didn't accomplish much xD Although I did get to hang out with Ver-bear which is always nice.

Sunday involved a trip to the mall for me. I got a pretty white dress for my friend's sweet 16, which will also be doubling as the dress for my stepsister's. I still need shoes and a bag and to get the dress fitted, but otherwise I am set and SO. EXCITED. I also got two new bathing suits, which I really need to wear ans swim in sometime soon xD

My first official day of Summer vacation. I did NOTHING with myself aside from roleplay with Ver and read Awakened from the House of Night series.

That book made me cry so much because HOLY PRIMUS CAST WHY THE HELL DID IT HAVE TO BE JACK?!

Yeah, Sam was not happy =c

Today is another cleaning day. Laundry, making the bed, texting ver, making the room look lived in and not like a pigsty. You all know the drill. But it works.

Ready for pictures, ladies and gents?

Signature I nabbed for my friend Neko. She was very happy about it.

The "Alluring Secret" Hatsune Miku

The name tag I used at the convention

A Chinese coin I got the first day we were there. It's preeeeety.

My new favorite shirt that I got on Sat 8D Nerds, Unite!

A really pretty fan that I also got on the first day.

A free manga I got from the library(they were giving them away!)

Daughter of Evil PV series Hatsune Miku and Kaito

Pokemon champion Cynthia

An Umbreon, Espeon, and their trainer

The hat I wore to the convention. I added the pokeball on it with Sharpie

A team rocket and team Magma member(Team Magma tried to steal my torchic plush D=)

Pokemon Pins I got at the con

A sweet pocket watch that is also mine now. It broke though, so it wont close

Sign carrying proxies that made the con worth it =D

A close up of my favorite of the signs =D

A ring I got at the con. Don't I have such a nice hand? xD

The really awesome team rocket duo we kept running into

Beautiful venasaur costume with her trainer

Just venasaur

Just a vocaloid xD
 So, there was my week.

Also, a friendship rant since I don't think anyone actually reads this any more: DONT TREAT ME LIKE FUCKING SHIT WHEN ALL I'M TRYING TO DO IS BE SUPPORTIVE! Because believe it or fucking not, I almost started crying. I'm sick of being the fucking bad guy no matter how hard I fucking try for everyone.

Alright, I think this post is long enough for now. Bye

Friday, June 10, 2011

Of Flea Killing and Good News

Today was boringly average. Took a French test I  think I did really well on. Got a 48 out of 50 on my final essay for my English class(FUCK YEAH).

So, yeah. I sprayed my bedroom with this flea killing crap that could kill a horse if it breathed too much in, but it also works really effing good, so...

And I'm headed to AnimeNEXT with Vera and Cosmos tomorrow and Sunday. I'll probably write my name as Knightess just for shits and giggles. If I buy anything, I'll post some pictures, And, you know, post pictures of anything I get a picture of. Maybe I'll post some of the previous two years goodies another time too. :3

Speaking of pictures, I decided to post some of things I've mentioned on EIS and of things I've mentioned on here as well.

A picture of my bestest non-living friend, and the stuffy who has lived with me the longest, Floppy =D

A picture of the uber cute stuffed dog Ver-bear gave me for my Birtday, Groggy! :3

And this is how Groggy would look if he were to turn badass and fuck you up. He looks really cute in the top hat, I'm not gonna lie. And yes, that is a HUGE roll of white duct tape at his paw >:3

This is one of my favorite shots. It's Groggy and Little Crow. I think it looks really cute though :3

There is the first puppet I ever got. My dad bought her for me at a fair years ago, and I love her. She inspired my puppet master character, Jynx =D

And finally, a picture of the symbol that will be my version of Slender Man's mark, if I ever become as popular as Noah. Which, you know, is doubtful. Ignore the words next to it.
Well, I think that about wraps up this post ladies and germs. See you next time!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's Thursday

Which, you know, means absolutely nothing anymore. This is my last feel week of school, seeing as next week is finals ad Monday is my last full day of school.

Urgh. I'm tired. I guess staying up till 2 am and getting up at 6 will do that you you, eh?

It was so hot today they gave us a half day. It was hotter than hell in the rooms that don't have AC. Thankfully, only 3 of my classes don't, and they're spread throughout the day. We also didn't change for gym today, and it was supposed to be the last day, So I got to bring my clothes home for the last time. I'm very happy about that. So.. Yeah. Everything is finally winding down.

I was one of 3 kids to show up to my Criminology class today. All the Seinors had their trip today. And all of the other kids skipped school and went to the beach, so it was nice and quiet in there.

Our Criminology teacher is letting us use out review sheet on the final. He is the coolest teacher ever, I swear.

I think that's enough of an update for now.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The last few days

Have been pretty good, actually. Gotten a good amount of writing done, failing a few final assignments for the year, bullshitting through my last few bits of homework. It's nice knowing tat I'll be out of school for the year soon. Yeah, I never said I was a good student. Cs are still passing!

Anyway, lets move on, shall we?

--> Sunday: My family went out for my Birthday dinner at Friday. Vera replaced my stepsister at the table, which was nice. I would have like to have had y stepsister there as well, because I love her, but stuff happens, you know?

So, anyway, Vera got a first person account of where my insanity comes from. She also got to watch my parents being themselves. They also hid the Friday's staff attack me and sing happy birthday, which was cute in its own way. It was also horribly embarrassing, but I liked it. I cant even deny it XD

Of course, Vera gave me another wonderful and heartfelt gift that I absolutely adore. What is it, you may ask? It's a build a bear dog with white  bottom feet, ears and a spot around an eye. He is SO cute. He also has a recording if you push a button in his paw. It says "Daisuro, Serunoe." which roughly translated to "I love you, Sister" in the language we are making up. So yes, very adorable. She also stuffed it with Sam nip, which affects only me and makes it so I can not stop cuddling my new stuffy.

My new stuffed pup, Groggy, also came with a letter that made me cry a little. And, of course, his birth certificate.

Adrian came up with the Sam-nip theory. Good Primus, he's going to fit right on in.

Lets see, on Sunday, before all of that, I also got my nails did. I got tips, and French-style(whatisitcalledagain?) nails so my hands look... feminine. It's weird. I also got a pedicure, which felt really nice and OMP massage chair *drools*. My toes have this sparkly pink polish on them that looks SO CUTE(yup, its true, I really am a girl).

--> Monday: In honor of D-day, my French class watched the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan. It was interesting to watch, albeit very gory. That was sadly all that I saw of that movie, but maybe I'll get dad to take me to blockbuster this weekend to see if I can't rent it and see the entire thing.

In Gaia Online news(looser, me?) a guy I do not like was kicked out of one of the guilds that I am in. I also replaced him as Vice Captain. Hellz yeah!

My friend, who I will simply call ME, also told me that she wants me to be in her court for her Sweet 16. I feel so special and loved. :3

-->Today: One week since I turned 16! I'm not sure if thats a good thing or not at this point. But I only have to attend school for 8 more days, and then my Summer Vacation shall begin =D

I will also be attending AnimeNEXT with Vera and Cosmos. It will be a very fun event and I will WREAK HAVOC MUAHAHA. Sadly, we wont be going on Friday, so no SMA panel this year. Maybe next year I'll get a chance to go again... Of course, Neko is already trying to drag me there and cosplay with her next June. We'll see, I suppose.

My French teacher was talking to us about "If __________ were _____________" things in French, and he wound up going to, "If I were muscular". Well, this turned into a talk about his college days of playing soccer and showing off for all of the girls on campus. And how girls like muscular guys. Its superficial and sad, but true.

OHHHH! we also presented the greatest History project ever today. It was a pokemon battle based on reconstruction after the Civil War. I was the wining trainer. Everyone got it and they laughed, which was awesome. It was goofy, but also a lot of fun.

I think that about sums up this post. Me thinks I'm going to go do some homework and think on my next Everything I See post(I'm thinking about closing that up soon and finally paying some more attention to Kiss The Midnight Sky) and also try to come up with a great idea for Vera's birthday gift. We'll see.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hola Reader

Which, I'm not sure anyone actually does read this. Aside frm maybe Vera when I tell her a new post it up. Lol, I am so loved, aren't I?

So... My day was interesting.

First, I went with the family at the ass crack of dawn to the local Ronald McDonald house to plant flowers. It was pretty fun over all, even though my hands got all dirty(EW!) Lol, JK. I got to cut some worms in half >:D

When I got home, I spent the day doing some much needed spring cleaning in my room. It's all neat in here now.

...Holy shit, I do have a carpet in here =D

-Anyway- I managed to fill an industrial sized garbage bag with stuffed animals(I still have like 30 left, too). I donated them, But I already miss a few of them. Oh well, it was time.

I'm also going out for my birthday dinner tomorrow night. Hopefully we will be dragging Vera along with us. :3

Next weekend will be spent at an anime-con with Cosmos and Vera. Expect posting >:D Of course, I'm the only one of us who successfully pre-registered, so *shrug*.

My cat was cute today. I picked her up and she kept rubbing her head against my face >w< I really do love that stupid cat.

Yeah, I'm rambling. It's late where I am >.>

I think that's all for now though. Later gators.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hello World!

So, I'm thinking about putting a link here from EIS, just to see if anyone looks.

I really miss what Everything I See used to be. My personal blog, where my friends there cared about, well, me.

Well, than again, Slice cared enough to follow me here, So guess some of them might miss that too. I wonder who would look.... Oh well, it isn't worth th OMGSHE'SFAYKE posts I'd have to read.

Where to shamelessly self promote?

In other news, the Darby situation has me once again stressing me to the point of my stomach turning to ick. There hasn't even been any contact for 2 days. (Of course, if his schedule is the same he hasn't gotten back to his room yet).

I should have forgotten that by now. Anyway....

Uh, I think that's it for now. Lates~