Thursday, February 2, 2012


And the results are in:
History = B-
English = unknown
Math = E
Web and Media Design = A
Lab Environmental = A
French = B-

Overall not bad I'd say. Math is always my week point. With any luck I'll pick up my grades in math. I actually get what we're doing in class right now. I'm just hoping that the new sememster will be a sort of clean slate for me. Maybe I can get my final grade to be like a C by the end of the year. That's liveable to me. A C. That shouldn't kill me, right?

Now if only I'd get reccomended for honors English, since I effing deserve it in that damned class. Seriously, the only reason it's not my best subject right now is that Environmental Science and Web and Media Design are both really easy classes.

I outlined an essay(the outline isn't due until next Thursday, go me). It's an exposatory essay, meaning I have to relate it to the real world to get my point across. I'm using The Outsiders, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and Inheritance to make my argument. I'm fairly certain the only way this essay would be cooler would be if I somehow fit Pokemon into there. I'm kind of excited to write it, too bad it wont be worth as much as that stupid research paper was.

I signed up for the SAT. I'm taking it March 10. That gives me a month to study. How insane is that? I'll be done with it soon. I'm also taking the HSPA test in March, like right before the SAT. Oh well, at least I'm getting it all out in one go. I'm going to have to really be in test mode the beggining of next month. *dies*

Than in May I'll be taking my driver's test. I. Am. So. Close. GAH! That's so weird for me, you have no idea. *flail* I mean shoot, I'll be legal to drive all on my own soon. I'll be driving to school soon. And I'll have to get a job D=

I also got a little more organized today. I'm going to start using an accordion folder instead of using ten different ones. I also have been gradually clearing out my binders since its the beggining of the second semester. It's amazing how much paper we've used, and we're only half way through the year! Seriously, im going to have to throw away a ridiculous amount of papers at the end of this year.

Primus above, I'm also nearing the AP History exam. But after that my teacher promised that we aren't doing anything else. I'm so glad it's almost all over. *thunks head against desk* I'm so sick of all of this. I can't wait to just get it all over with. Oh well, at least I'm getting close. Thank god this year is passing by faster than last year did.

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