Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another Weird Dream

I was somehow sent to a world wort of like Toy Story, and became a very realistic doll. There was a whole colony of toys there, lead by a head honcho toy and their second in command. They all lived in a huge doll house on a floading island above a huge grassy plain. Below, they sad, were toys they'd banished from their land for misbehaving. It was rare they could save anyone who fell by accident.

I made friends with nearly everyone quickly. The only person who seemed the truly dislike me was the SIC. It was a lot of fun.

One day, I fell to the plain with one of the toys I'd been hanging out with. The wild toys converged on us and attacked us. We ran(well, I ran, the toy I was with waddled. It didn't have hands or feet) back toward the floating island. Everyone had gathered and were holding a rope ladder. They threw the ladder down as soon as we were close enough. I helped the other toy up, before getting up to safety myself. The other toys were able to pull up the ladder before any of he wild toys could climb it.

Much later in the dream(I can't remember the middle) We were all hung by string by something, Hair, a  pullstring, something. The Commander and SIC were glaring at us, lecturing us for misbehaving. For trying to change things. For trying to free the toys. We protested, but couldn't do much. Something staurted cutting our pull strings or hair or whatever, and we grabbed the main ring so we wouldn't fall. We swung forward onto the safety of the roof.

A voice shouted loudly, saying it agreed with us. A new toy appeared. The Commander stared in awe at it, even as it ordered that we were all freed and agreed to our terms. The SIC was livid, and attacked me, knocking me ver so I was half hanging over the roof, her wieght on my legs the only thing keeping me from falling to my death. And then she got up, and I fell.


Yeah, another pleasent one. But whatevs. Gives me something to write about.

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